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Domestic Water Supply Pumps

divertron water pump

Your water has to get from your tank to your home somehow. Drainage Systems supply and install the DAB Divertron submersible pump that will silently move your water – with pressure so good you’ll have the best shower of your life. Being submersible it is situated within the tank so it is out of site, and will start and stop automatically depending on whether water is being used. Our standard installation includes a pressure tank to prolong the life of the pump.

• Automatic Pressure System Pump
• Light & Compact
• Electronic Automatic Restart
• Electronic Pressure Control
• Supplied Wired & Ready to Install

Benefits of Installed Submersible Hush Pumps

• The pump performs better at the bottom of the tank than traditional pump set ups = Optimum Hydraulic Performance.
• The pump is out of sight and out of mind = A potential deterrent to theft.
• The Hush Pump is submerged in water and is silent = Peace and quiet for the occupants.
• The pump is fitted with a floating intake = Fresh water supplied from the top of the tank where it is most aerated and oxygenated.
• The piping and electrical connections are all in one place  = Efficiency and tidy setup.
• No need for a traditional pump house and concrete slab floor for the pump = Tidy setup and savings.

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