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Bowers & Son

Bowers & Son Ltd is at the forefront of concrete tanks in the Waikato region. For outstanding innovation in the advancement of concrete practice design and construction, the NZ Concrete Society awarded us the Technology Award. At Bowers & Son, our team is taking concrete tank construction into a new era. If you are uncertain whether to choose a Duracrete concrete tank over a plastic one, the advantages are many. 

Our concrete tanks:

  • Are manufactured from natural raw materials produced within New Zealand
  • Provide a cool, clean and healthy environment for household water
  • Will not fail in the event of a fire
  • Need no protection from stock
  • Require no anchoring restraints in high wind areas
  • Can be buried or partially buried in confined or restricted situations

Whether you are looking to purchase a water tank, septic tank or stormwater retention tank, we have the right tank for your requirements. All tanks can be delivered for your convinience and placed at your specified site throughout the central North Island.

duracrete concrete tanks

Duracrete water tanks

If you require a secure water storage solution, Bowers & Son is the only company in the central North Island to secure a license to construct Duracrete tanks. Duracrete concrete storage tanks use self-compacting concrete technology resulting in a durable product with a high-quality finish. Performance-wise, these tanks provide high strength for buried or partially buried applications and are used for industrial, agricultural, horticultural and domestic purposes. Duracrete tanks offer easy flushing, convenient connection points and bolted lid access for security.

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